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Expansion of Second Floor in Kyamin Secondary School is Completed

On Aug 22, 2018, the construction of second floor of a school building in Kyamin completed successfully. This was the expansion of a building which was constructed by Namlo Europa back in 2017. This eight roomed building will provide adequate space to accommodate students for five classrooms, a science lab, a library and a teacher’s room. This project benefits the students from approximately 500 households from more than 10 clusters of Vyas Municipality and Kyamin VDC.

Materials for Project Agro Dhenung Supplied to the Community

On 28 Aug 2018, the materials for Project Agro Dhenung have been supplied successfully. The supply consists of plastic greenhouses, water supply and storage tools for irrigation facility improvement, seeds, soil nutrients and cures, tools for making local organic pesticides and liquid fertilizers. For the smooth functioning, our experienced trainer will stay in community to implement and train them.

Dhenung is the community where our first school was constructed in 2015. From the extensive community needs survey assessment of entire community having 24 clusters, three clusters were found most suitable for launching agriculture projects consisting of 37 farmers’ households.


Two Septic Tank Construction for Kyamin Secondary School is over

On Aug 06, 2018, two septic tank constructions in Kyamin Secondary School have been completed successfully. These two tanks are constructed to replace the old ones made 13 years back with smaller dimension using the stones. The new tanks have its size of 16 ft length*8 ft breadth*7 ft. depth. This will solve the problem of drain seepage of existing tanks during the monsoon and contribute to school’s hygiene and sanitation. Around 400 students and teachers can use it on a daily basis.

Yarmasing reconstruction

The devastation of the 2015 earthquake which, in a few seconds completely destroyed the entire village of
Yarmasing, (222 houses) is requiring monumental efforts to reverse. A second official geological survey
was completed in 2017 and several areas of the upper part of the village were determined unsuitable for
rebuilding. Seven of the original fourteen neighborhoods have had to relocate. Families who owned
houses in those areas, have had to negotiate the purchase of new plots from villagers owning land in areas
safe for reconstruction, get the new plots surveyed, obtain bank loans, register land titles of ownership
and secure building permits.

After villagers moved from the temporary shelters in Kathmandu, to temporary shelters in Yarmasing,
Namlo Europa has continued to support them in a variety of ways including agricultural training to ensure
they can grow their own food during the reconstruction period. After we completed the necessary road
work to open access from the main road to the village, we purchased 25 tons of rebar to be used in the
construction of the house foundations. Currently, villagers are working hard digging and preparing their
plots and ordering additional materials needed to begin construction of their concrete reinforced

Construction of Kyamin School

In June 2017, Namlo Europa finished the construction of its second school in Nepal, in the community of Kalesti.

The construction of the school, which has 4 classrooms for 200 students between the ages of 14 and 16, began in September 2016, thanks to the completely voluntary help of Catalan engineer Mauro Bravo. Community residents also participated in the project, which is a requirement of Namlo for building schools in Nepal.

This school was built in accordance to new building safety requirements of the Nepalese government following the earthquake of 25 April 2015. This way, the school is fully prepared to support potential earthquakes in the future.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Namlo Europa has also invested in the purchase of tables and desks, and in the construction of a water drainage system so that the school can support monsoon rains.

In August 2017, two teachers, one from Catalonia and another from the United States, organised training workshops for Nepalese teachers in this school, to improve their teaching methods.


Sushil Tamang Scholarship Program

At Namlo Europa we are aware that children and adolescents will be the leaders in the creation of a better future and therefore their preparation is of great importance.

In 2017 we have set up a scholarship programme in memory of Sushil Tamang, one of the students who received a scholarship from the NGO and who lost his life during the earthquake in Nepal on 25 April 2015.

The Sushil Tamang Scholarship Programme will allow 3 children (Apil, Shilshila and Sanjit) from the Kyamin school (built by Namlo in 2017) to make their educational dreams come true and become better prepared to help their communities. Among other things, we have provided uniforms, personal clothing, school materials and rucksacks, as well as additional tutoring if they need it.

Next year, the objective of the Scholarship Programme will be to continue to support these three students, and provide three more scholarships for 6th grade students.

Happy New Year to all of our Nepali friends

Nepalese celebrate 9 different new years because they have dozens of ethnic groups with their own unique calendars. While Nepal uses a solar calendar with fixed dates for most purposes, it reserves the traditional lunar calendar for religious festivals, birthdays, and “death anniversaries”. The Nepali New Year generally occurs between April 11th and 15th on the Gregorian Calendar and this year it falls on April 13. It is an official public holiday which marks the country’s 1st day of the year 2074.

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