Earthquake relief efforts in Yarmasing

Yarmasing villagers have continued to live in the temporary camp shelters in Kathmandu, waiting for the second geologist evaluation which needed to be done after the 2016 monsoon. Earlier this month, this new evaluation was completed and the section of land deemed safe for reconstruction was marked.

The land in the upper slopes, where villagers had their houses prior to the earthquake, has been determined not to be safe to rebuild. The families whose houses were in the upper slopes have had to negotiate the purchase of new plots from the owners who have extra land in the lower part of the village, which the geologists have marked as safe for reconstruction. This has been quite a difficult process but the final list specifying the exact location where each villager plans to rebuild their home has now been completed.

We are currently working on surveying and issuing the transfer of land ownership titles to the families who have to build in the new plots. The next step will be the registration of the land titles with the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), the Nepali Government agency which was created after the earthquake to assess and regulate all aspects of reconstruction. The official final geologist report has already been filed with the NRA and as soon as the land ownership titles are registered, we expect the NRA to issue the building permits.

In the meantime, in anticipation of getting the green light from the NRA, we have already completed the necessary road work to open access from the main road to the village to enable vehicles to reach Yarmasing and deliver construction materials.

Most of the villagers have already moved to temporary shelters in Yarmasing to start preparing for reconstruction. A few adult family members are staying in Kathmandu to take care of all the community children who need to stay in town in order to finish the school year at Samata school, where they were enrolled after the earthquake.

Urgent help needed in Nepal

Today I have received some very sad news and an urgent plea for help from Yarmasing, a small Sherpa community near the Tibetan border with Nepal. This is where I spent three months in 1999 working with its people to build Namlo’s first school. Now, after the earthquake, only three houses are still standing. This leaves about 150 families (about 750 people) without food or shelter. Sushil Tamang, one our scholarship students from this village, has died in a landslide and we need your support to prevent more losses. We have a team of volunteers, some from the village, ready to implement a relief effort which will consisting of basic needs – tents, blankets, mattresses, food and cooking utensils. Dawa Sherpa, one of the villagers and Namlo’s first project coordinator, will be updating the final list of most urgent needs, which as of today amounts to 31.000 Euros. Please help these people – 100% of your donation will go to them and every donation, big and small, will have an impact.

While we wait for pictures from Yarmasing, these are from a nearby village that has also also experienced great losses.

MAGDA, president of Namlo Europa

Nepal Earthquake #NepalEarthquake

Thank you for all your calls and e-mails sharing your concern for the people of Nepal and offering to help. The magnitude of the worst earthquake in 80 years and its aftershocks, which are still occurring, are devastating. It will take tremendous coordination and time to obtain accurate information, particularly from the rural areas where we work.

The earthquake has affected 8 million people in 39 districts, of which over 2 million people live in the 11 severely affected districts. Impact on agriculture-based livelihoods and food security is expected to be extremely high.

We will keep you updated as soon as possible about how we can best coordinate efforts and help Nepal.


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