Agriculture Materials and Tools Provided to the Farmers of Project Agro Kalesti

On 11 June 2019, we completed the installation and setting of agriculture project in Kalesti community. The greenhouses were completely installed in the farmlands, drip irrigations were installed and irrigation facilities were maintained by the farmers with the help of a trainer. The project was started with the supply of materials on April 19 to the farmers in Kalesti community.

Shortlisting the 13 most active farmers from Kalesti where we constructed a school in 2018, an agriculture project was launched nearby Kyamin Secondary School. This project is to address the farmers need to commercialize their agriculture practice which, for so long, remained very traditional. The motivated farmers are committed to make the most out of it.

Seeds and Cures Supplied to Project Agro Dhenung

On 28 Dec 2018, package of seven different seeds and soil nutrients are supplied to the farmers of Project Agro Dhenung. This is an addition to the existing agro materials and tools which are already in place including the greenhouses and irrigation improvement tools. This will benefit all the 37 households (18 households from Manpha and other 19 households from Jhirudi-Bharlangdi cluster).

The villagers are provided with with seeds, soil nutrients every season for facilitating the cultivation. Our agro technician provides guidance, training and facilitation every season to enhance the productivity, identifies gaps and consults with us to fill the gaps.

Materials for Project Agro Dhenung Supplied to the Community

On 28 Aug 2018, the materials for Project Agro Dhenung have been supplied successfully. The supply consists of plastic greenhouses, water supply and storage tools for irrigation facility improvement, seeds, soil nutrients and cures, tools for making local organic pesticides and liquid fertilizers. For the smooth functioning, our experienced trainer will stay in community to implement and train them.

Dhenung is the community where our first school was constructed in 2015. From the extensive community needs survey assessment of entire community having 24 clusters, three clusters were found most suitable for launching agriculture projects consisting of 37 farmers’ households.


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