This year Namlo Europa has received several requests to help build schools. The final selection has been made after receiving the positive feedback from one of our Board members, Loli Melero, who has met with the school and the community to evaluate and discuss their request.

Kalesti is located in the northern part of Tanahun district, the same district as the Kamdhenu School, and 8 km from Damauli, the district headquarters. The school was established in 1986 and received formal accreditation from the Nepal government as a higher secondary school in 1995.

There are 371 students, 194 girls and 177 boys, and this year, the school plans to expand its curriculum for the upper grades.

Until now, it has only offered what is referred to in Nepal “management curriculum” which prepares students for careers in business. This school year, they are adding the “education curriculum” which prepares students to become teachers.

Having insufficient space, the school has been compelled to merge grades in the same classroom. The addition of the education curriculum compounds this problem. With the construction of the new four-classroom building, they will finally be able to teach one grade level per classroom and efficiently teach the new curriculum.

This community of about 500 households is very committed to having their children receive the best education and in addition to the sixteen government teachers, the community hires six additional private teachers. Two of these additional teachers have been hired this year to teach the new education curriculum.

Kalesti’s main ethnic groups are Dalit and other so called lower caste such as Damai, Kami and Sarki. Other castes include Gurung, Newar, Brahman and Chhetri. Their main income generating activity is agriculture and they grow rice, corn, millet and lentils.

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