The devastation of the 2015 earthquake which, in a few seconds completely destroyed the entire village of
Yarmasing, (222 houses) is requiring monumental efforts to reverse. A second official geological survey
was completed in 2017 and several areas of the upper part of the village were determined unsuitable for
rebuilding. Seven of the original fourteen neighborhoods have had to relocate. Families who owned
houses in those areas, have had to negotiate the purchase of new plots from villagers owning land in areas
safe for reconstruction, get the new plots surveyed, obtain bank loans, register land titles of ownership
and secure building permits.

After villagers moved from the temporary shelters in Kathmandu, to temporary shelters in Yarmasing,
Namlo Europa has continued to support them in a variety of ways including agricultural training to ensure
they can grow their own food during the reconstruction period. After we completed the necessary road
work to open access from the main road to the village, we purchased 25 tons of rebar to be used in the
construction of the house foundations. Currently, villagers are working hard digging and preparing their
plots and ordering additional materials needed to begin construction of their concrete reinforced