Namlo Europa announces its agreement with the NGO Lead Nepal UK to help in the reconstruction of houses in the area of Tandrang, a community located 15 km from the epicenter of the earthquake of April 25, 2015.

Lead Nepal UK, a non-profit based in the United Kingdom, covered the basic needs of Tandrang villagers shortly after the earthquake. However, nearly a year later, the survivors of the catastrophe continue living in improvised shelters, without their own homes.

The objective of this agreement is to join forces with Lead Nepal UK for logistics and methodogy to support the reconstruction.

Dr. Gil Daryn, founder of Lead Nepal UK and Doctor of Anthropology from Cambridge University, lived 10 years in Nepal, two of these years in the community of Tandrang during which time he developed very strong ties with the villagers.

Magda and Gil met in Nepal in 2010. Magda explained the school construction projects which she was implementing and that the integration and participation of the members of the communities was a pre-requisite for the process. Gil’s deep knowledge of Nepalese culture and Magda’s commitment to helping the people of Nepal lead to Gil’s involment as a volunteer with those projects and a longlasting friendship.

Ten months after the earthquake, they meet again, this time for the reconstruction of Tandrang.

We are very pleased to inform you of this colaboration. It represents a new opportunity to continue supporting the Nepalese people during these difficult times in partnership with a non-profit with which we share values.

We invite you to learn more about Lead Nepal UK through their webpage.

If you want more information about this project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.